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  1. Regional Ice Cream Chain Giffords Expands by franchising in Maryland and VA area
  2. A Century of Scoops: Michael's Ice Cream of Jackson, Ohio
  3. Louisiana: New ice cream flavors with local appeal introduced for spring
  4. Framingham, Mass. Mass. plant that makes Breyers ice cream to close
  5. Ohio: Say Thanks to the troops by eating ice cream
  6. Rhode Island: an official State ice cream?
  7. Seattle: On the Expanding Empire of Local Ice-Creampreneur Molly Moon
  8. Philadelphia: 11th Annual Super Scooper All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival
  9. Seattle: Edaleen Dairy Recalls 2 Ice Cream Products
  10. Minnesota Kids Dream Up Unusual Ice Cream Flavors
  11. Chicago: Ice cream theft victim to get party, gift card
  12. NORTH ADAMS, Mass.Lickety Split Debuts New MCLA Ice Cream Flavor
  13. America's Best Ice Creams
  14. Cold Comfort
  15. Hamtramck Detroit: Instead of birdsongs, listen for the ice cream truck
  16. Eastern Seaboard: Mini Cooper car owners make big drive for East Coast ice cream
  17. Oregon: Ice cream recipe welcomes the 2009 Clackamas County Lavender Festival
  18. Eugene. Oregon: Prince Puckler's
  19. Boulder, CO: Bhakti Chai ice cream
  20. Win 5 ice cream books from Turkey Hill
  21. Klondike bars: a whole new line of varieties based on popular US candies
  22. Ice cream consumption contributes to need for exercise in the USA
  23. Kennebunk, Maine: Free Ice Cream for Responsible Bicycle Riders
  24. Nationwide USA: Clemmy's Ice Cream sugar free all natural commercially produced
  25. Utah: Odd Names for New Ice Cream and Coffee Shop
  26. Boston, MA: Eight Great Ice Cream Parlors In Boston
  27. Baskin-Robbins to Introduce Two New Concepts to US market
  28. Atlanta, GA:Panda-monium flavored ice cream in honor of Atlanta Zoo Pandas
  29. Best Ice Cream throughout the U.S.A.
  30. Free ice cream on September 24, 2009
  31. SlimIce: an intriguing idea...but how does it taste?
  32. Ben & Jerry's, GE work on greener freezers for US
  33. Secret Fast-Food menu Items: the Neopolitan milkshake
  34. Any Hoosiers been to Ivanhoe's?
  35. Harmful drinks in America-from major bottlers and fast food franchises
  36. June 16-19 Ice Cream Days Activities in Le Mars Iowa
  37. Moofest celebrates dairy industry June 5, 6 in Athens
  38. Tennesse: Eat ice cream for contest, good cause at Miss Martha's This Sunday
  39. Multi-State Ice Cream Recall Kroger's Brand Deluxe Chocolate Paradise Ice Cream
  40. 5 Ice Cream Factory Tours Provide Sweet Treats, Education (Various parts of USA)
  41. How 'bout a New Jersey thread?
  42. America's Ice Cream Consumption, circa 1936
  43. The Great Ice Cream Run 3
  44. Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson promote magnum ice cream in USA
  45. Connecticut Women Produce First Pre-Pacakaged Ice Cream Sweetened with Truvia
  46. Beekeeping blossoms but causes friction thru the nation, bees vital to ice cream
  47. small-batch creme fraiche ice cream in NJ coffee shop
  48. How the ice cream sundae was invented
  49. Newark ice cream law not enforced? Ice cream sodas forbidden in Evanston, IL?
  50. Ice Cream Scooter truck stolen in Tacoma, Washington
  51. World Record Sundae Attempt at Ice Festival
  52. Ben & Jerry's says: "Get the dough out of politics"
  53. Cold Stone Creamery introduces healthier options: frozen yogurt, sorbet
  54. Boston, MA Armed Environmental Police Shut Down Popular Ice Cream Stand
  55. Need some ice cream shipping info?
  56. Little Baby's: innovative ice cream in Philadelphia
  57. Dove Ice Cream Announces 10 City Tour Aimed At 'Adults Only'
  58. Mt. Desert ISland, Maine Ice Cream Company to be on The View
  59. America's best ice cream factory tours
  60. National Ice Cream Day Celebrated w/ promotionals, free ice cream
  61. Alcohol-containing icey treats around the nation; highbrow, homemade, & for sale
  62. Tasti D-Lite Selling 25 Cents Ice-Cream on Birthday, Sept. 7
  63. Push-pops are back, in artesian form, around the nation!
  64. NJ: Mr. Green Tea Ice Cream of Keyport expands to consumer market
  65. Off-color remark lands ice cream maker in hot water
  66. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's ice cream budget frozen
  67. Baristas Ice Cream heading to Gristedes
  68. Minneapolis: Izzy's Ice Cream Shop: homemade goodness, exotic tastes, tech innovation
  69. Ice Cream Recall Affects 10 States
  70. Best Popsicles In The US
  71. Madison, Wisconsin: You Want Nutrition? Eat Carrots
  72. Colorado Dad Goes Out For Ice Cream, Thwarts Robbery
  73. Oregon: Ben & Jerry's debuting Portland-flavored ice cream
  74. Color Wheel A Southern summer tradition goes national
  75. New Jersey: ‘As Jersey as it gets’: Gandolfini mourned in NJ towns where ‘Sopranos’ w
  76. Chicago: @MayorEmanuel Tweeter Charts Jingles for Ice-Cream Trucks
  77. New Orleans Sno Cone Culture
  78. Where Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Away Their Frozen Greek Yogurt
  79. America's Best Cities for Ice Cream
  80. Crazy Ben & Jerry's Graveyard Flavors
  81. Pittsburgh: White Chocolate Cinnamon Habanero ice cream "the hottest flavor"
  82. Seattle: now you don't have to choose between apple pie w/ chedder cheese & a la mode
  83. Atlanta:Atlanta restaurant Miller Union serves its own fresh-churned ice creams
  84. Knoxville, Tennessee: Cruze Dairy Farm launched line of Cruze Farm Girl ice-cream
  85. Enlightened ice cream sold at supermarket chains accross the nation!
  86. America's Best Cities for Ice Cream
  87. America's Best Ice Cream Shops
  88. High-quality liquor-infused ice cream across the USA
  89. Nat'l Geographic Ice Cream Expedition truck to make its rounds across Nation
  90. Sweet Republic Artesian Ice Cream in AZ
  91. Maine/CT: From Shoestring To Award-winning, Giffords Ice Cream Keeps It in The Family
  92. Austin Texas: The woman behind a successful ice cream chain
  93. If I Had 1,000,000 Flavors Ice Cream in Canada Benefits Adult Literacy in Canada
  94. Satisfy My Bowl Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Funds Youth Empowerment in Jamaica
  95. Breyers Announces Switch to Hormone-Free Milk and Cream, Other Unilever Ice Cream Bra
  96. 3 die in Kansas of foodborne illness from prepackaged ice cream
  97. Louisville, KY Bernoulli small batch ice cream shipping to NC, NYC, Alabama
  98. America's Best Ice Cream Shops 2015-California
  99. Latin America: Weird flavors, well-done, in Merida, Venezuela Ice Cream Shop
  100. The Craziest Ice Cream Flavors In Every State
  101. Cincinnati: Dojo Gelato Expands into Northside
  102. Bernie Sanders just got his own unofficial Ben & Jerry's flavor
  103. Chick-fil-A: Ditch your phone, get free ice cream
  104. Friendly's Ice Cream Expands Iconic Sundae Cup Lineup
  105. Bob Iger's favorite ice cream will be the next official Star Wars-themed dessert
  106. Portland, ORE: Salt & Straw Serves Exotic Artesian Ice Cream
  107. 7 American Cities With High-Class Ice Cream
  108. Michigan: World's Longest Ice Cream Desert?
  109. Minnesota: Carpe Diem Carp-Shaped Ice Cream Cones at Minnesota State Fair
  110. Cuba: Inside Cuba's Intense Ice Cream Obession
  111. Portland, Oregon: "Vanilla Ice Cream" A Trending Shade Of Paint
  112. Ohio: Buzzed Bull Creamery produces ice cream with Red Bull, alcohol, mix-ins
  113. This Guilt-Free Ice Cream IS Flying Out Of The Freezer Case
  114. Portland, OR: Salt & Straw From Waste To Want
  115. Dondurma comes to the USA
  116. Fun Facts About Creamsicles